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Redox Measuring System

Redox Lance Photo The system consist of one to sixteen Redox lances, an Ag-AgCl reference electrode, an interface box, a data acquisition card for PC and a simple data acquisition software. The lances are made from ceramic with fifteen sunk mounted platinum electrodes. The lance body is conical to ensure best contact of the electrodes with the ground. The head of the lances contain the impedance transformers inside an O-ring sealed PVC housing. They are connected to the interface box via a cable of 3 m length. The reference electrode is a Xerolyt-Ag-AgCl electrode (INGOLD, Germany). The interface box connects the lances to the PC. Inside the box the measured signals are amplified and multiplexed. The box is available in two versions: A small version with five inputs or an upgradable version with up to sixteen inputs. The box is conntected to the PC via a cable of 6 m length.

Redox System Photo


Input voltage range -1 to +1 V relative to Ag-AgCl Electrode
-0.79 to +1.21 V relative to SWE
Type of sensorsSunk mounted platinum electrodes
Redox voltage error2 mVNumber of electrodes15
Input quiescent current0.5 pADistance between electrodes10 mm
Offset voltage1 mVLength of lances250 mm
Input impedance1015 Ohms || 0.8 pFPressure sealing18 bar

SiS GmbH reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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