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PTM 4005 Precision Laboratory Temperature measuring instrument according to ITS 90 for -5 °C to +40 °C

PTM 4005 Photo The instrument serves for precise calibration of thermometers for oceanographic applications. It consists of a standard platinum resistance thermometer, a resistance measuring bridge, a highest grade resolving A/D-converter, a scanner unit and a computer with control- and display software. Measuring bridge, converter and scanner are placed in a common 19" desk top rack. The control system and data transmission from / to the computer is done via IEEE-488 interface.


Temperature sensor Metrologic grade standard platinum thermometer 10 - 25 Ohm, e.g. Rosemount, Heraeus, Isotech, Tinsley etc
Reference resistor Vishay VHA-512, filled with oil, hermetically sealed, temperature controlled at 50 °C ±0.05 °C
Measurement current Switchable to 1 / √2 for determination of self heating
Measuring range -5 °C to +40 °C
Resolution 0.1 mK
Consistency 0.3 mK
Nonlinearity of the resistance measurement max. 1 * 10-6, equivalent to 0.25 mK
Time for warming up 30 minutes until full specifications when reference resistor is continuously controlled, otherwise 24 hours
Measuring rate ca. 4 to 25 seconds per measurement, dependent on stability of temperature under control


Customer specific changes, e.g. thermometers with other zero point resistance, against expenditure. Optional PLM conductivity unit for salinometry available.

According to ITS 90 the temperature between primary fix points is defined by the resistance of highest grade platinum resistance thermometers.

SiS GmbH reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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