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OI 2002 Invitation

SiS is present at the Oceanology International again. Please visit us at stand 12/17, the German Pavilion. Our ARGOS products can also be seen at the booth of CLS ARGOS 10/17 and stand 4/16 of R.S. Aqua Ltd.

We are showing:
SMM 2000/6000(X)
SMM 500(X)
Subsurface Mooring Monitoring Beacon for the ARGOS System. This is a product developed with CLS / France. If the mooring comes up to the surface, the system begins to transmit and you get an alarm message from the ARGOS Processing Centre Toulouse. From now on your mooring position is evaluated by the ARGOS System and distributed to you via the standard process of ARGOS Location.
ASB(X) ARGOS Surface Beacon with optional (X) switch mode power supply for a wide range of supply voltage.
RTM 4002 X Second Generation of Electronic Reversing Thermometers
RPM 6000 X Second Generation of Electronic Reversing Pressure Meters
CTD plus Autonomous CTD Probe
We inform you about:
DOA Dissolved Oxygen Analyser. Winklertitrator for Dissolved Oxygen with PC control, fully WOCE and ISO specified.
SOFTSAL Interface from Guildline Autosal 8400 Salinometer to RS 232 with comfortable User Shell for Standardisation (even with KCl Standard Solution), Calculation of Salinity, Storage and Retrieval of salinometer data. Everybody using the Autosal will be happy with this package.
OM Orbcomm Monitor
ODAM Orbcomm Data Acquisition Module
The Orbcomm Monitor is an intelligent and self-contained package Monitor with GPS location, bi-directional Orbcomm satellite link, and a serial interface to other subsystems. The ODAM unit is a versatile data logger for analog and digital data acquisition as well as an actuator control unit. An interface to the Orbcomm Monitor OM for satellite communication is standard. Both systems are available with under water housings for different depths.
QMX A general in situ calibration and data quality management system for Temperature, Salinity, Conductivity and Pressure for control on board of research vessels.
PTM/PLM Precision Instrument for determination of Temperature according to ITS 90 / Precision Conductivity and Salinity Instrument. The instrument is used by Calibration Services, especially in the oceanographic field.
Calibration Services Calibration of C, T and sensors to ITS 90 and WOCE specifications.

If you can't come along, please fill in our PDF questionnaire form and print and fax it. With Acrobat the form may be also send by email.

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