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DOA Dissolved Oxygen Analyser Accessory Sets

SiS offers three kinds of accessory sets and a chemical set for the use with the DO Analyser.

Chemical Set

500 gNaOHMerck
1000 gNaIMerck
1000 gMnCl2 x 4H2OMerck
500 gNa2S2O3 x 5H2OMerck
Titrisol KIO3, 1/60 mol/l (prepared standard solution) OR
KIO3 salt

All chemicals are of pro analysis grade or better. The quantities are sufficient for at least 2000 sample titrations. Other quantities / weights on request. Sulfuric acid (H2SO4, 50%) is also required, but should be purchased locally due to transportation restrictions. The prepared Titrisol standard has to be diluted. To avoid dilution of 1:100 we recommend dilution of 1:10 and usage of 1 ml pipettes for the standard determination. For blank determination, a 0.1 ml pipette may be used with the prepared standard or a 1 ml pipette with a diluted sub-standard. For highest precision the usage of weighted and diluted KIO3 salt is recommended.

Economy Set

DOA Economy Accessory Set

This is the minmum requirement with no calibration facilities. Calibrated bottles are provided.

1Chemical SetSiS / Merck
50Sample bottles (50, 125 or 250 ml), wide mouth, calibrated, burn-in marked, soda-lime glass 
20Stirring bars, PTFE 
1Pipette carousel for 6 pipettesEppendorf
4Fixed volume pipettes, 1000 µl (2 x 500 µl with 50 ml bottles)Eppendorf
2000Pipette tips 50 - 1000 µlEppendorf
2Beakers, 100 ml, borosilicate glass (Duran), 50 x 71 mmSchott
2Beakers, 1000 ml, borosilicate glass (Duran), 105 x 145 mmSchott
5Bottles, 1000 ml, amber glass, narrow neck, screwed thread 
5Bottles, 250 ml, square, amber glass, wide neck, screwed threadSchott
5Funnels, natural, polypropylene 
1Washing bottle, 1000 ml, polypropylene, with spraying inset 
1Volumetric flask, 1000 ml, class DIN A +/- 0.4 mlBrand
1Electronic pocket thermometer with external sensorHanna
1Electronic thermometerAmarell
1Electronic balance, 2000g / 1.0 gKern

Other quantities (e.g. number of bottles) on request. The differences to the Economy Set are coloured.

Standard Set

DOA Standard Accessory Set

Like the Economy Set, but with variable volume pipettes, a high-precision pipette, and a more precise balance:

2Variable volume pipettes, 100 - 1000 µlEppendorf
1Variable volume pipette, 500 - 5000 µlEppendorf
1Fixed volume high-precision pipette, 1000 µlEppendorf
1000Pipette tips 50 - 1000 µlEppendorf
1000Pipette tips 100 - 5000 µlEppendorf
1Electronic balance, 2000 g / 0.1 gKern

The differences to the Precision Set are coloured.

Precision Set

Like the Standard Set, but with borosilicate bottles, 3 electronic pipettes, a barometer and a high precision balance for preparation of the KIO3 standard:

50Sample bottles (50, 125 or 250 ml), wide mouth, calibrated, burn-in marked, borosilicate glass 
2Variable volume electronic pipettes, 100 - 1000 µlEppendorf
1Variable volume electronic pipette, 500 - 5000 µlEppendorf
1Charging stand for 4 electronic pipettesEppendorf
1Digital barometer 
1Precision two range balance, 60g / 0.01 mg - 210 g /0.1 mgKern

SiS GmbH reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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