SiS Sensoren Instrumente Systeme GmbH

Dear Lady or Sir

This is to inform you that SiS will be present at the Oceanology International 2000. Please visit us on our stand UF 676 in the German pavilion area. We are showing our well known standard products:

RTM 4002 X Second generation electronic reversing thermometer for 10000 m water depth.
RPM 2000/ 6000/ 10000 X Second generation electronic reversing pressure meters for 2000, 6000 and 10000 m water depth respectively.
CTD plus 100, 500, 1000 "Hang Alone" CTD systems with internal memory for 100, 500 and 1000 m water depth respectively.
DO Analyser Easy to use PC controlled titrator for the determination of dissolved oxygen according to the method of Winkler.
SMM 500/ 2000/ 6000 ARGOS Subsurface Mooring Monitoring beacons for 500, 2000 and 6000 m water depth.
ASB ARGOS Surface Beacon
SOFTSAL A comfortable add on for Guildline AUTOSAL users, who want to acquire salinity data from the salinometer by PC.

Besides these products we can inform you on our other products and services as:

Calibration Equipment Temperature calibration bathes, precision temperature bridge according to ITS 90, precision salinometer according to PSS 78.
Calibration Services We offer the calibration of temperature, conductivity and pressure by using instruments and systems traceable to the international standards.
Redox measuring system Redox data acquisition system for the measurement of redox potential profiles in the soil.
Instrumentation Housings We provide a line of "off the shelf" and user specific instrumentation housings.

The latest news is the presentation of our ORBCOMM® satellite system based telemetry and data acquisition products. We offer three modules:

OM ORBCOMM Monitor, which is an intelligent and self contained package with GPS location, bidirectional ORBCOMM satellite link, and a serial interface to other subsystems. This unit is available in different housings for underwater or surface applications, e.g. ORBCOMM SMM, ORBCOMM Surface Beacon, ORBCOMM Drifter etc.
ODAM ORBCOMM Data Acquisition Module, which is a versatile data logger for analog and digital data acquisition as well as an actuator control unit. Available in different housings.
OMS ORBCOMM Monitor Software, which is Windows based and bakes up the subsystems to a comfortable turn key solution for monitoring environmental data in harsh areas from your desktop via the ORBCOMM satellite system.

On request we will send you a free Visitor & Delegate Registration Form for your registration to the OI 2000 by mail. If you like to get more information on SiS products and services in advance to your OI visit or instead of it, please contact us.

We hope to meet you on our stand.

Kind regards

SiS Sensoren Instrumente Systeme GmbH

Dr R. Maaßen
Managing Director

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