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ASB X Argos Surface Beacon

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The Argos Surface Beacon is a watertight, battery powered Argos transmitter. Applications are the monitoring of moored buoys and location of floating objects. The features are:

  • Acetal resin (POM) housing
  • Up to 6 months mooring
  • Up to 18 months transmission life
  • Internal antenna
  • ARGOS platform terminal transmitter
  • Water proof up to 10 metres
  • Powered by 5 or 10 D size batteries respectively
  • High efficiency "True Energy" switch mode power supply

High Efficiency "True Energy" Switch Mode Power Supply

The ASB X contain an internal switch mode power supply to allow usage of a wide range of battery types. Up to 80% of the batteries initial capacity is used for operation, regardless of cell voltage and current source capabilities. Benefits are:

Argos System

Together with the services of CLS Argos, a world-wide monitoring of the ASB is possible. A special service allows the watching of the drift circle of a moored buoy. An alarm is generated if the buoy goes adrift. A warning that the watch circle is left will be sent to the user by facsimile. A warning is also generated if no signal is received from the beacon.


Water proof10 m
Dimensions (l x d)711 x 100 mm
Mass without batteries6.7 kg
Displacement5.6 dm3
Power supply5 or 10 pcs. D size cells resp.
Battery cell voltage0.8 - 3.7 V
Peak supply current100 mA
Average power consumption35 mW
Mooring lifeup to 6 months
Transmission lifeup to 18 months

Mooring and transmission life depend on the type (chemistry) and number (5 or 10 pcs.) of the used batteries.

Additional Information

SiS GmbH reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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